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Voids Wrath Relaunch!

VOIDS WRATH RELAUNCH We are proud to present the Voids Wrath relaunch! This relaunch is the rebirth of everyones favorite mod pack launcher. With over 6 mod packs the new launcher is ready to appeal to everyones minecraft needs. With… Read more »


Five Nights at Freddy Movie Release!

Hey how’s it going guys Cody here and I am proud to show you guys are latest animation project. We released our Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie animation on our youtube channel The Atlantic Craft! This animation is a whopping… Read more »

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New Server Release! Wild Wild West!

Hey everryone!! We got some awesome news for all you GTA lovers out there! Both Little Lizard Gaming and The Atlantic Craft have just started season 2 of their GTA series (IP: They will be playing exclusively on the… Read more »


“The Herobrine” Minecraft Parody!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new Voids Wrath website!! I’m sure most of you have already listened to this amazing new parody of Eminem and Rihannas monster; called “The Herobrine” by the Atlantic Craft by now… But for those… Read more »

Minecraft | Dream Craft - Star Wars Modded Survival Ep 91 "JEDI YODA LIGHTSABER BATTLE"

Minecraft comes together with Star Wars perfectly in the mod pack based around Star Wars in Minecraft! Dream Craft has Minecraft Star Wars m…

Minecraft | SECURITY CAMERA MOD Showcase! (Security, Cameras, Base Defense, Surveillance)

Minecraft gets a brand new mod and that is the Minecraft Security Camera Mod! The Minecraft Security Camera Mod is apart of the Security Cra…

Lucky Block Challenge Animated! (Minecraft Animation)

Minecraft has never seen a Minecraft Animation like this before! This is the Minecraft Lucky Block Challenge Animation! Halo Boss Challenge …

Minecraft | Escape From Five Nights at Freddy's - Balloon Boys Clone Revenge!

Minecraft gets a brand new series its the Minecraft Escape from Five Nights at Freddy's! This Five Nights at Freddy's Minecraft seri…

Minecraft | Prison Escape - Episode 4! "ROBBING CELLS FOR $$$"

Minecraft has a Jail and there are some Minecraft Youtubers that have been sent to the maximum prison! This Minecraft Prison series has Riot…

Minecraft | LEGO PETS MOD Showcase! (Lego, Elsa, Five Nights at Freddy's)

Minecraft gets a brand new mod all about Lego! This is the Minecraft Lego Pets Mod! This Mod has some of your favorite game and movie charac…