What is Happening to our MOD PACKS?

Hey there Atlanteans Cody here! Today I am super excited to announce new updates coming to our top 3 mod packs. We have recently been experiencing a huge surge of users due to quarantine from Covid-19. We want to support our amazing community and keep everyone from being bored, so we are increasing our server bandwidth and working on new updates!

Scramble Craft

The first mod pack I want to talk about is Scramble Craft and what we plan to do for the pack. I believe Scramble Craft 1.2 is one of the best mod packs we have ever released to date. I do not say that lightly with how many amazing mod packs we have created in the past. This next update will not be a major one in the realm of adding new mods, but it has KEY changes to the Recipe Scramble mod and AoA mod. The recipe scramble mod has received massive new features and allows players to use a special command to disable scramble features on their world if they choose (/gamerule scramblerecipes true/false). You can turn this feature on and off and it saves your scrambled recipes you had before. We sadly cannot add a scramble command to scramble recipes without deleting recipes.cfg on 1.12.2. This can however be done on 1.7.10. For Advent of Ascension or AOA mod this has received many bug fixes and new updates! If you are unfamiliar with the mod please check out the wiki. There are a few other updates but this is the major list for big changes. We plan to add new mods when we feel they fit the theme. If you have suggestions please do not hesitate to post them.

Crazy Craft 4.0

Now lets talk about the Big boy that is Crazy Craft 4.0. This has been hugely successful and we have been overwhelmed by the community support. With the unorganized chaos that the recipe scramble mod brings in…it made for an entirely new adventure. Not only did adding the recipe scramble mod change crazy craft, but so did the HBM nuclear tech mod and Legends mod. We had a rough start with the release, but with your help in reporting the bugs on discord or the site we have tracked majority of them down. If you still experience issues please do not hesitate posting them and we will help you out! Now we have received many comments for mod suggestions and we have heard them!! We plan to update or add the following. Project E instead of EE3, recipe scramble updates, legends mod update, morph mod add, hats add, new generated structures and many more. Please do not stop posting suggestions we appreciate them all. Now we are now pushing this update out yet because we are waiting on an important update from the legends mod developer. Many playing on singleplayer have not experienced this issue, but on multiplayer there has been severe lag noticed in our lets plays and this we believe has been the legends mod. He is working very hard on pushing an update and as soon as we get news we will let you all know!

Minecraft Dragons

Minecraft Dragons is one of the best experiences you can have if you are looking for a fantasty adventure mod pack. It has been one of my favorite packs of all time with how well all the mods fit in with eachother. This mod pack will require key mods getting udpated and I will be working very hard on getting these new updates out for you all to enjoy. One key mod may be updated and thats the ice and fire mod. We have worked very hard on adding new dragons into the mod pack. Before we have only seen Ice and Fire dragons, but now we will see a rare gold dragon, a ice/fire multi element dragon and even a toxic dragon! These are not official updates by the ice and fire dev team and were done privately. We will still need to double check their license if they allowed modified versions of their mod to be distributed. If they do not then we will only be able to use this version in the live series. Many of you have been asking about the dragon fire mod. We cannot add this to the mod pack until Little Lizard and Tiny Turtle release it to the public. They have a huge team working very hard on getting this mod ready for everyone to play and they have a closed paid access only and we do not want to circumvent that.

That is all the updates we have planned for now! We appreciate all your support whether its posting bug reports, recording using our mod packs or sharing it with friends!! We have also seen players struggle setting up servers for our mod packs as they lack the knowledge of how to do so. We have began talks with several hosting companies and we plan to announce soon who the official server hosting company of Voids Wrath is soon. They will have pre installed versions of our mod packs that are up to date for you all to enjoy. Thank you for supporting us and the hard work we put into the mods and mod packs!

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