Aquatic Craft! New Survival Mod Pack Series!

Hey there Atlanteans Cody here! It’s been awhile since I did a blog post so I think its time to update you all! We have been very busy creating new youtube channels and building them up! The project is the Realm of Atlantis where we have all these different channels/character intertwining in various adventures/roleplays. We also have been working on around 10-15 mods that will be used in roleplays on our youtube channels and also be used as showcases! Now we are working on a new survival mod pack series. This mod pack is called Aquatic Craft!

Aquatic Craft

Aquatic Craft is a mod pack based all around underwater! We teamed up with the developer from AoA and we worked on a mod that allowed for the ultimate underwater survival experience. There is a whole new underwater world to explore. This world has everything you can imagine from sea turtles to ancient mythical creatures. There are so many features in this mod that it is basically a one mod modpack. We are however adding in other mods like flans mod, fantastic fish and other things in that manner. That will enhance the experience because with the whole underwater dimension we are able to gather every vanilla resource. Which will make it possible to craft overworld items! That was a key thing needed in the mod to allow a range of different mods to work in this one dimension without having to go to the overworld!

Return of Survival to Atlantic Craft

Survival series have defintively taken a back seat while we have been doing various roleplay adventures! We will be introducing new survival series in the future besides Aquatic Craft, but we wanted to bring that genuine live reaction commentary style back to the channel.

When will it Start?

We will be starting mid June and will be uploading 2-3 times a week! We will constantly be updating the mod pack as well throughout the first month and adding new features and fixing things. We will see how popular the series is and if by the end of the first month it doesn’t go over that well. We will probably look to put less man power into updating new features and play with what we have made thus far.

Will Aquatic Craft be Public?

Well that is very difficult to answer. Please read the entire thing through to get my reasoning. I want everyone to enjoy all the mods and mod packs we create. However when we upload mods or modpacks. There are these scam websites that will upload the mods to their websites and sometimes insert viruses into the mods that we never ever added. There are also other mod pack websites that will take the mods we made specifically for our mod packs and reupload them to their website/launcher! When I make a mod I have to be able to pay my developer, artist and modeler who all need a substantial $$ payment to be paid for all their hard work on these mods that take weeks/months to make! The only way I can earn back that money I spent is by making youtube videos. These videos will contain exclusive and insanely premium content that you can never see anywhere else on the internet. So as soon as we make these mods or mod packs public there is no way we’re going to say to a youtuber “you can’t monetize videos on this mod/modpack”.

However that being said the only reason why I ever made voids wrath was to make a way to enhance the experiences fans got when watching my videos. So anyone following my videos would get insanely benefited by having awesome first dibs on these really sick mods they can play with their friends. In no way am I discouraging anyone to ever do a video on our mods/mod packs. I am just saying the sole reason I do this is for fans and not to make money. As currently voids wrath makes $0. The revenue earned on the website barely pays for the servers and sometimes I have to pay for the servers that hold our download files and website files out of my own pocket. So it gets very discouraging if say a youtuber does a video and makes $10k on ad revenue from the video with our mod. When I was only trying to make this for fans and not making it for someone to make money off of it. Obviously I want fans to play and be able to upload videos but there currently is no way to easily make all the things I want to accomplish a reality. As once money gets involved especially with youtube videos it gets very confusing and weird.

There is no correct route to take. If someone has a suggestion please let me know, but all this being said Aquatic Craft will be a private mod pack for the realm of atlantis to play! I wish there was another way then by making it private, but I have no clue. So for now it will only be seen on the atlantic craft youtube channels or any other youtube friends we invite! Also if you are upset by this I am always around to talk via twitter. So please ask me anything there and I can explain my reasoning further. I however will not be bullied by anyone to release a project we worked hard on. As in the end we made this and we can do what we want to with our project hahahah.  Another note here sorry, but I wanted to say companies who make public games have a way to make money back when they pay for the game to be made. I do not have these mods or mod packs made to make money. I only do it as a fan service. I do not do this to make a game developing company.




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