Minecraft Dragons 1.1 MEGA Update!

The world of Minecraft Dragons is changing!! We have overhauled the mod pack for a massive 1.1 update. This includes big updates to Ice and Fire, Twilight Forest, Electroblobs Wizardry and much more. This is one of my favorite mod packs to date. Ever single mod hand picked to bring you the ultimate fantasty RPG adventure.

Ice and Fire

With Ice and Fire they are constantly making big updates and changes and one of the biggest changes in this update is the HYDRA! This is nothing like the twilight forest hydra. It is true to the ancient greek representation of the hydra. That is not all thats been added to Ice and Fire, we went out of our way to create 2 new dragon types known as the Toxic and Lightning Dragons! There are also multi element dragons and gold Dragons. I will let these dragons be a mystery and for you to venture out and find them.

New Mods

With the many updates to the mod pack there were also new mods added. These new mods are addons to other mods within the pack already. Thaumcraft is a key magic mod in minecraft dragons and it requires lots of knowledge to learn it. We added Thaumic JEI to assist with that and make it easier to learn how everything works by using the keybinds U and R on thaumcraft items. We also added forbidden arcanus a knew addon to thaumcraft. With Electroblob and Twilight Forest being in the mod pack it just made sense adding in the TFspellpack designated for twilight forest by Electroblob. Fossil Archeology was updated but it did add in new dinosaurs for you to bring back to life. We feel the adventure aspect and fantasty side to the dinosaurs still fits in with the mod pack. There may be “machines” in the FA mod but they are not classic machines like it build craft that would take you out of your fantasty setting.

Future Updates

There are plans to continue making new dragons for the Ice and Fire as an addon mod along with new minor updates to it. The Ice and Fire team has made it clear they are working on 1.15 and will not be updating the 1.12.2 version of the mod. This works in our favor as we will not need to start code over to import it to work with their newer version. Many of you have been asking if we will add the Dragon Fire mod Tiny Turtle has been making. The answer is no as they have their mod private to patreon only and we cannot circumvent their paywall. It is a fantastic mod and it is worth checking out and manually adding to the minecraft dragons mod pack.

If you have a server please click here to go to the mod packs page and redownload the latest server files. Provided below is what the changelog looks like, so you can easily update your server.

Dragons 1.1 Changelog

Config Changes

  • grimoire of gaia config update

Mods Updated

  • chisel-mc updated
  • electroblobs updated
  • fossil archeology updated
  • grimoire of gaia updated
  • ice and fire udpated
  • pams hravestcraft updated
  • rustic update
  • spartan weaponry updated
  • tconstruct updated
  • twilight forested updated
  • varied commodities updated
  • zawa updated
  • bookworm updated
  • CTM-MC updated
  • conarm updated

Mods Added

  • forbidden arcanus added
  • tfspellpack added
  • thaumic inventory scanning added
  • thaumic JEI added

Mods Removed

  • none

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