Crazy Craft 3.0.2 The Superhero Update!


Hey hows it going guys Cody here to talk about what voids wrath has been doing and also to announce of a crazy craft 3.0.2 update! This is our next big update that involves superheroes! Superheroes everywhere I tell you!

Where have you been?

Well we have been really doing a lot of behind the scenes work with crazy craft and a few other larger projects. In late august we had come up with a new roleplay idea for the youtube channel and we have put in the majority of our effort into making this project a reality. We have also worked on superheroes unlimited crazy craft 3.0 testing and a few other side mods.

Crazy Craft 3.0.2 Update 

We saw a ton of requests for the superheroes unlimited mod to make its way back into the crazy craft scene and we made that a reality today! We have pushed an update for superheroes unlimited to shake up the crazy craft world! This update isn’t large as in a bunch of mod changes but it sure is a game changer with this brand new mod!

 Mods Added
– Added Superheroes Unlimited
Mods Removed
– none
Mods Updated
– none

How to Update your Server Safely!

  1. Download latest crazy craft server file right here
  2. Go to your server either through multicraft/filezilla or your own computer and copy your “world” folder onto your desktop
  3. Go to your mods folder and drag all the new mods in the .zip you just downloaded
  4. Replace all the mods in the mods folder with the updated ones (if you added any mods yourself they wont be overwritten)
  5. Go to your servers configs folder and replace all the configs with the latest one
  6. Start your server see if there are errors if not you should be good to go
  7. If there are issues try to resolve them yourself or contact voidlauncher support on the forums and create a ticket with your servers console errors
  8. If you manage to fix it yourself use your backup you made which wont have block IDs missing if you did something wrong the first time
  9. Enjoy!

How to Update your Mod Pack Client Safely!

  1. Simply go to the launcher make you have the latest launcher download redownload if your not sure here
  2. Hit play and if there is any issues hit reinstall it will not remove any save folders if you have the latest launcher download
  3. Enjoy!

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