NEW Mod Pack Release: Crazy Minecraft!

Hey everyone Cody here and we are very excited to add a new mod pack to our launcher. As I talked about the launcher will only receive minimal support as it is no longer our main focus. You can read more about it here. We did have a burst of energy to push out a new mod pack we are playing on our youtube channels and that mod pack is called Crazy Minecraft!

What is Crazy Minecraft?

Crazy Minecraft is a combination of all our previous great mod packs crazy craft, jurassic craft and voids wrath! It provides a sense of adventure, craziness and there are several ways to recreate your own animal park! This mod pack is 1.7.10 and has over 20+ dimensions, 500+ mobs and thousands of different paths you can take.

Do you think my computer can run it?

It is a very rough mod pack to run and we have tried our best to optimize it from our youtube series. It is highly recommended for users with high end PC’s and more than 8 GB of ram. We also recommend you play the mod pack on a server rather than singleplayer, however we realize not everyone has the ability to buy access to a server. We did remove a few mods from the youtube series, so that this mod pack may be available to a wider range of people due to the shear size of it. The List of Mods can be found down below.

Will there be updates after this release?

There will be several updates to this mod pack and maybe even the launcher if there are unplayable things. Please post any launcher or mod pack issues here


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