Atlantis Phase Two

Hey guys Cody here again and I am going to be unveiling the most important project we have worked on to date! That project is called Atlantis Phase Two.

What is Atlantis Phase Two?

Well this is a project that is going to shake The atlantic Craft universe forever! It is a huge collaboration project with the entire voids wrath team and we had to contract a few skilled minecraft modders to help complete the project. The Atlantic Craft youtube channel has been preparing to undergo a total rehaul so that the channel can be solely based around Atlantis. From the beginning of The Atlantic Craft youtube channel our story has always had aspects from Atlantis shine through. We wanted to take this to the next level and make the channel based around this. We currently have several roleplays and series on the channel and we want everything to relate to Atlantis in a way. Atlantis phase two consists of many different parts. We have custom mods made, animations made for cut scenes, and all of this will be used to have a linear story of our adventure. It will be its own series called “Atlantis Adventures”. The name may change and you might be asking what will happen to all our existing and previous series. Well lets dive into that

What will happen to all Existing and Previous Series?

Our current youtube series like minecraft broken mods hospital will be moved to our brand new set in Atlantis. Along with that is a previous series Minecraft School it will be taking place in Atlantis as well. As for survival series like Crazy Craft we take portals to go into different dimensions all the time and we will be taking portals to explore worlds like crazy craft or jurassic craft. This is to help keep everything in sync with the Atlantis back story and still be able to continue our adventures in crazy craft. We plan to be moving each series to be based out of Atlantis and then we will have the separate Atlantis Adventures series which will have its own story to tell outside of our adventures in crazy craft. Series like Crazy Craft will have little to no affect on the main Atlantis Storyline.

What is Atlantis?

Well its a universe where Cody and Joe live in. Atlantis Adventures will tell all the stories our characters will go on and it will also have separate side stories of the adventures our friends have. Yes this means in the Atlantis universe there is more than just Cody and Joe. There are characters like the sneaky sisters, professor pikalus and the evil Kraken Kid! These characters will all eventually get there own youtube channels and you will be able to get to know these characters as they get to know themselves. Love them or hate them they will have massive impacts on the Atlantis storyline.

Where are the spoiler images?

Well they are right here take a gander at our 6 new player models for each main character in the Atlantis storyline! No these are not final more than half of them don’t have swimming animations, idle animations, finger animations. Essentially they don’t have animations to make them look human hahaha. They will be finished very soon and all the lifeless robot feels will be gone as well!

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