After 5 Years CRAZY CRAFT 4.0 is Releasing!!

Hey everyone Cody here! We have talked about how we would NEVER make a Crazy Craft 4.0. Well here I am eating my words. After many days of bug testing and planning we are excited to officially announce Crazy Craft 4.0 is coming very soon! The plan changed when we had seen the outcrying support for our┬ádedicated fans. I began scheming and working on an idea to make the mod pack different than ever before. As many of you know orespawn was the KEY mod in any of the crazy craft versions. We inquired to the Orespawn developer to see if we could get his mod to 1.12.2 as it would open an entire new world of mods. We sadly never received a response and began working on plan B. That plan was to downgrade our scramble craft mod from 1.12.2 to 1.7.10!! Scramble Craft is a randomizer mod that creates infinite ways of randomizing your game from random arrows, portals, mob drops and recipes! That is only scratching the surface. With Scramble Craft mod downgraded to 1.7.10 we then began work on finding unique mods that will have the Crazy Craft feel. We won’t spoil what those mods are but one of the major additions was the Legends mod. We were given permission to use the mod in the mod pack and we cannot be happier. This mod is something out of this world it contains superheroes, star wars aspects, godzilla and so much more!

When will we release?

Well that is a very good question. I can say with confidence Crazy Craft 4.0 will RELEASE FRIDAY MARCH 6TH!! We have been actively bug testing and fixing crashes as mods sometimes are not friendly with our randomizer mod. That is not to say bugs will not be present in Crazy Craft 4.0. We will be actively listening to the community for suggestions or reports of game breaking bugs. If they are small bugs we will include them in the next big patch. If you are itching for Crazy Craft 4.0 you can watch the first 3 episodes over on my channel The Atlantic Craft. We will be having a youtube survival series with all the members of The Realm (cannibal crab, Kraken Kid, Blooper). I will also invite other youtubers and see if they are interested!!

Survival Series:

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