Scramble Craft 1.4 Endgame UPDATE!

Scramble Craft the most random mod pack of all time is seeing a major update! This 1.12.2 mod pack will be getting it’s last and final major update. We have included new mods, major updates to recipescramble the randomizer mod and lots of existing mod updates as well!

Recipe Scramble Updates

With Scramble Craft everything from recipes to furnaces to mob drops are randomized with the recipe scramble mod! We have been making vast improvements to the mod all summer and are finally ready to release it in the live mod pack version! There are so many new randomized dungeon scrolls added. One new scroll is the boss randomizer that will randomize a boss if you use the scroll on it. This will allow you to summon any boss in the entire game! Another new update includes an overhaul to the random random recipe. Well that sounds confusing doesn’t it? When you craft sticks in scramble craft you will get a set random item, but there will also be a 15% chance to get an entirely different item. It was rather confusing last time as t which random item you were getting, so we have now added a question mark to indiciate the RANDOM RANDOM recipe. See below, so I can finally stop typing trying to explain this.

This example shows sticks create a brown banner as the random recipe, but there is a 15% chance to get a question mark output. The question mark output can give any craftable item in the game!

New Mods

The mods chosen for Scramble Craft are rather different then normal minecraft mod packs. The progression for scramble craft is not a straight line from to end game…scramble craft progression is more like a squiggle that a 5 year old drew. We have added new addons to the avaritia mod that allow you to upgrade the already overpowered god tools, armor and weapons! Smaller mods added include, bonsaitrees for collections, tiny mob farm mod, hwyla to identify blocks you look at, overpowered inventory to expand your inventory massively! Those mods don’t have much content to them, but we have added ICBM, admin weapons, overloaded and spectrite to fill add in new content! Just imagine crafting a chest and instead getting an anti matter missile. Sounds fun!!

Future Updates

There will be no more major updates to Scramble Craft. That does not mean we won’t update mods or add new features to recipe scramble mod. This means we will no longer be adding tons of new mods and overhauling the mod pack. The version updates will look like 1.4.1 or 1.4.2, but we will not see a 1.5 mod pack. The reason being is we want to focus on scramble craft 1.16.3 and begin finding new mods. Along with updating the recipescramble mod! If you have mod suggestions for 1.16.3 scramble craft please comment below!

If you have a scramble craft server please click here to go to the mod packs page and redownload the latest server files. Provided below is what the changelog looks like, so you can easily update your server.

Scramble Craft 1.4 Changelog

Config Changes

  • randomthings.cfg

Mods Updated

  • adventure of ascension
  • recipescramble
  • chocolate quest repoured
  • pamsharvestcraft
  • random patches
  • inventory pets
  • random things
  • rats mod
  • tardis
  • vehicle mod

Mods Added

  • belt mod
  • bonsaitrees
  • spectrite
  • overloaded
  • avaritia tweaks
  • avaritia addons
  • admin weapons
  • tiny mob farm
  • icbm classic
  • hwlya
  • wanionlib
  • gunpowlderlib

Mods Removed

  • none
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