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Scramble Craft Mod 2.8.5 UPDATE

UPDATE 10/21/21 I am very sorry for not keeping this post accurate with the latest version of Scramble Craft. We have just updated the download to 2.8.5 from 2.3.7. There… Read more »

Warden Mod! [1.16.3]

The Minecraft Warden Mob is a mob that lives in the deep dark underground caves. This mob was supposed to come out in 1.17 update next summer, but we couldn’t… Read more »

Chaos Commands Mod

Minecraft but everytime you punch you turn blocks to bedrock…minecraft but everytime you breath in real life you get hungry….minecraft but everytime you swing you get slower. These aren’t all… Read more »

Scramble Craft SMP Map

This is the official map for Atlantic Craft’s Scramble Craft SMP series. The map must be played on the official scramble craft mod pack. You can upload the map to… Read more »