Scramble Craft SMP Map
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This is the official map for Atlantic Craft’s Scramble Craft SMP series. The map must be played on the official scramble craft mod pack. You can upload the map to a server or player singleplayer and explore the world! If you wish to find out base coordinates for everyone be sure to check out their youtube series. Other youtubers that are on the server include Kraken Kid and Cannibal Crab. This map will be updated every few weeks and the version history is the date of the latest backup. Continue your wacky adventure on our world!! Be sure to share any cool dungeons and bases on this post or on our discord!

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Map Download : Not ready yet.



Download Instructions

1. Hit download
2. Find downloaded world zip and open it
3. Open the Void launcher and find Scramble Craft (Note: It cannot be a new modpack with the scramble craft mod)
4. Click the advanced button and click edit world
5. Drag the world folder from the zip into the saves folder for Scramble Craft
6. Done! Now load up Scramble Craft and find the world in the single player tab