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Minecraft but everytime you punch you turn blocks to bedrock…minecraft but everytime you breath in real life you get hungry….minecraft but everytime you swing you get slower. These aren’t all quite in this mod, but maybe they should be! This is a random minecraft mod that changes the way you play minecraft drastically. We have made special commands that make your character get fat if you eat, if you run anvils fall from the sky, breaking blocks turns them to bedrock and so much more. To turn the features on you need to use the specific command for each one. Enjoy this mod and please give us suggestions!

Command Reference:
/banitem (type number for amount of seconds inbetween each ban)
/bedrockbreak (type 1-100 for percentage chance)
/spawnerbreak (type 1-100 for percentage chance)
/dupemobs  (type 1-100 for percentage chance)

You can not reupload this mod on any website. If you play the mod on youtube please credit voids wrath and link this download page. If you find any illegal uploads of the mod please report them. You cannot use this in a public mod pack unless you have written permission. This is to prevent bug reports from old versions of the mod as its going to be updated very frequently.

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Installer Download links

1.14.4 Mod Download : CLICK HERE



Download Instructions

1. Hit download for the mod
2. Find the mod in your downloads folder
3. Install forge 1.14.4 on a minecraft instance
4. Click Here to find the forge download page
5. Locate the recommended forge for 1.14.4 and download the installer
6. Open your minecraft launcher
7. To the left of the play button there is a drop down and you can locate the forge instance you just created
8. From here you will be able to load your instance of minecraft and it will generate the mods folder
9. After loading minecraft with forge once you can close out and open a file explorer window
11. From the file explorer window you will go to the top of the page and type in %appdata%
12. FThen you will locate .minecraft and from there the mods folder
13. FDrag the mod file you downloaded earlier and drag it into the newly found mods folder
14. Load the launcher and enjoy!