Vietnam War Pack 1.12.2 (Expansive Weaponry)

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We are finally releasing our Vietnam War addon pack for Expansive Weaponry mod! This pack adds in realistic models of Vietnam era guns from both America and Vietcong. Along with 3d armors for players to wear. This works just like a Flans pack where you install both the Expansive Weaponry mod into “mods” folder and the Vietnam War Pack into the “expansive weaponry” folder.

This pack was created by Benjamin aka WW2Destroyer as a commission for The Atlantic Craft. If you use this mod in videos please give credit to both Benjamin and The Atlantic Craft. Do NOT reupload this mod to any other site other then and ww2destroyers curseforge post.


  • Marine Uniform
  • Vietcong Uniform
  • Rice Hat
  • Boonie Hat



  • M16A1
  • M14
  • M60E1


  • AK47



Click to Download Installer

Installer Download links

1.0.0 Download: CLICK HERE




  1. Hit Download button and begin download of “Vietnam_War_Pack-Content_Pack-1.0.0.jar”
  2. Click here to find Expansive Weaponry mod and download the latest version.
  3. Install latest 1.12.2 forge for client by clicking here
  4. Open the 1.12.2 forge installer and finish the steps on that application.
  5. Once completed go to your mods folder and another windows tab for downloads folder
  6. Move the Expansive Weaponry.jar into the mods folder
  7. Then go to .minecraft and create a folder called “Expansive Weaponry”
  8. Go to your downloads folder and drag the Vientnam War content pack into the Expansive Weaponry folder NOT INTO MODS FOLDER.