Now offering Custom Maps and Modded Maps!

New Website Features!

Hey guys we are now offering something new to the voids wrath website! The Atlantic Craft has tons of custom maps made for there youtube channel and tons of challenges made! We also have a ton of lets plays and we want you guys to explore the world we create! Once a week we will be updating our world downloads for our series live series. We want you guys to experience the fun and we now offering Map auto installers and modder map auto installers! What this means for you is that you can now enjoy all the crazy creations Joe and Cody make on there youtube You also get to play on awesome Maps scene in The Herobrine parody and there Five Nights at Freddy’s Animation!

Vanilla Maps

Some of the maps you will see offered are maps seen in animation videos from the atlantic craft and other cool maps builders want us to offer. These maps will auto installer directly into your saves folder. Here is a short list of maps you might see!
  • Skeleton Kingdom (The Herobrine Parody)
  • Herobrines Castle (The Herobrine Parody)
  • Let it Glows Castle (Let it Glow Parody)
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s Map (Five Nights at Freddys Movie Animation)
  • Beach Scene (Jaws Shark Attack Animation)
  • Clash of the two Kingdoms (Clash of Clans Movie Animation)

Modded Maps

We make a bunch of challenge videos on our channel and we want you guys to have just as much fun! Some of these maps we pay for and some we make ourselves here are some you might see! These installers will auto install the map to your save folder for .minecraft and also install the mods directly into your mods folder. You just need to run the correct forge version!

  • Tsunami Challenge Map
  • Mario Level 1 Map
  • Lucky Block Challenge Tropics Map
  • Lucky Block Challenge Regular Map
  • Lucky Block Challenge Horror Map

Lets Play Maps

We have a ton of series and we want you guys to enjoy our adventure! So we will be offering downloads to all our previous series and all our current series. Current series the maps will be updating once a week and the post will be as well! Here is a list of some saved maps we have!

  • Tekkit Classic Lets Play
  • Crazy Craft 1.0 Lets Play
  • Crazy Craft 2.0 Lets Play
  • Dream Craft Lets Play
  • Jurassic Craft III Lets Play
  • How to Train your Dragon Lets Play

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to your minecraft public server or create videos on youtube with them.
They are available for pure entertainment use and cannot be used
in anyway that infringes our rights.

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