Crazy Craft 2.2 [LIVE]

The Crazy Craft server is all about craziness! You will join either our survival server, factions server or sky wars servers! Take down bosses, dungeons and even get the chance to do this all with your best friend in this wacky mod pack! There are over 30 bosses in this mod pack and along with that there are some amazing weapons and tools like hoverboards! Whether your playing factions or survival this server will amaze you. At spawn there is an npc bank, npc shop and even some mob spawners to get some easy vanilla minecraft loot! Our skywars server is 100% unique and has some amazing custom maps with modded items in the chest and even get the chance to make yourself a big bertha in one of the skywars maps!

Command Tutorial

1. /spawn – Teleports you to the alleyway where you are safe!
2. /shop – Gives access to the servers shop
3. /f join (faction name) – Join a friends faction!
4. /tpa – This will teleport you to other players on the server
5. /balance – This will check your players balance
6. /buy – This will bring you to our donation store

How To Join

1. Download the Launcher
2. Unzip the java program from the winrar file
3. Click the void launcher program and load it up
4. Go to the Mod packs tab and find Crazy Craft 2.2
5. Load the mod pack up and hit the official server button
6. Enjoy!



New Staff Applications Open January 4th

Signup to be Staff we are looking for some new Candidates!

– Over Age of 13
– Knowledgeable of server
– Mature
– Respectful

Server Fixes January 4th

– Fixed Buycraft Spelling Mistakes in some Packages
– Fixed Survival 3 spawners in spawn overflowing
– Fixed Factions 3 spawners in spawn overflowing
– Fixed Broken Blocks around spawn


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