Clash of Clans Nations [LIVE]

The Clash of Clans Nations server is all about gathering rescources, expanding your kingdom, hiring soldiers and raiding other islands! When you first join the server you will pick from 1 of 4 nations. They have different perks and these people will be your friends however people in your nations can also attack you so watch who your friends are! When you choose your nation you are brought do your nations unique capital! Thecapital is your home it has stores, bank and blacksmiths! Once your earn enough resources and money you can purchase yourself and island by doing /island! This is where you will make your home. You can expand your island after earning money by doing /expand on the edge of your island. You can make a 5×5 island when you finally finish your kingdom! Once every hour there is a wartime period where you can raid other nations islands and you can get teleported to a random nation and wage war!

Command Tutorial

1. /nations leave – This will reset your nation but can’t use after creating island
2. /capital – This will teleport you to your nations unique capital
3. /island – This will create an island for the player
4. /nations guest add (player) – This will add guests to have access to your island
5. /nations guest remove (player) – This will remove guests from your island
6. /shop – This will open up our rescource and weapons shop!
7. /balance
– This will check your players balance
8. /buy – This will bring you to our donation store

How To Join

1. Launch Vanilla Minecraft
2. Select latest version of minecraft (1.8)
3. Go to multiplayer and join the IP (
4. Enjoy!



Clash of Clans 2.0 Rehaul! January 1st

The Clash of Clans server has be rehauled and revamped fixing some long recurring bugs! With this rehaul the entire server has been reset and there has been the addition of some insane new features! Raiding has been totally rehauled and makes for and amazing new experience!

– Raiding Rehaul brand new system for raiding
– New Turrets – Turrets were removed in nations 1.0 but have been fixed for nations 2.0
– Guardian – Guardians are placed in your island to defend it for you while you are gone!
– New Spawn – We have redone the spawn and no longer are there 3 different servers there is one server for everyone!
– Reset – All stats, weapons, and islands have been reset to make these new fixes come into effect!

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