Voids Wrath

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The VoidsWrath Mod pack is a mod pack based around exploration and Mythical creatures! This pack is not modded minecraft, it is Minecraft like you’ve never played it before! There are various new mobs, structures, weapons, tools, the list is endless! You really won’t understand the true power of the pack until you play it yourself. The pack really makes you feel like you’re living in Medieval times! It’s completely brilliant, one minute you could be killing cows, then you’re killing one of hundreds of Bosses, then you could stumble upon one of many ruins or temples ready to be explored, but be careful, things aren’t always as they seem. No two people could have the same experience with this Pack, the amount of game changing mods make that impossible. There are hundreds paths to choose from, warrior, explorer, King, you decide!

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Minecraft: 1.4.7
  • Multiplayer: Yes
  • No. of Mods: 33


Included Mod List

Elemental Tinkerer
Extended Familiars Pack
Mob Dismemberment
Backpacks Mod
Tale Of Kingdoms 2
Familiars API Mod
Ruins Mod
Not Enough Items
More Health
Divine RPG
Familiars API Mod
More Bows Mod
Smart Moving Mod
Sword Pedestal
Bibliocraft Mod
Rpg Inventory Mod
The Shur’tugal Mod
Back Tools Mod
Damage Indicators Mod
Enchanting Plus
AtomicStryker’s Infernal Mobs
Mob Spawn Controls
Rei’s Mini map
GoluiUtil Golui
Magical Crops