Scramble Craft 2.0

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Today is the day! A brand new mod pack and in version 1.16.5. Scramble Craft is a wacky randomizer mod pack, which is all based around the Scramble Craft mod. Rich the developer for the Scramble Craft mod has worked insanely hard to bring the randomizer features to 1.16.4!  

Imagine a world of Minecraft that makes 0 sense and upon crafting a stick you are left with a diamond sword instead! Then you are out farming melons and all of sudden you are gifted futuristic power armor or maybe you light off fireworks and the sky turns rainbow as random drops fall from the explosion. The world of scramble craft creates an all new adventure with it’s many randomizer features. To craft sticks you may be set on a journey across the universe or crafting an infinity gauntlet is as simple as picking a daisy. With all new mods and awesome new randomizer features tailored for 1.16.4…your new upside down adventure awaits!!

We are looking for any and all bugs you find. The mod pack can have weird issues at time and we need your help finding those strange uncommon bugs. Please report them to us at our discord. we need your help finishing it. We also need more randomizer updates dedicated to the 1.16.4 new features. We have added a few of our own like stripping wood giving random blocks or getting random potions from beehives. The mod list is not finished and we plan MANY updates to the mod pack adding more and more mods. We have a list of 15 mods ready to be added in 3 separate updates. We want to continue finding great mods from your suggestions. Go to the discord or comment below with what other 1.16.4 mods we should be adding.

Please alert us of any reuploading of our mod pack to any launcher outside the void launcher. 

  • Version: 2.2
  • Minecraft: 1.16.5
  • Multiplayer: yes
  • No. of Mods: 75



Scramble Craft 2.1 to 2.2


– add Marvel Phase 2
– add Autoeat
– add appleskin
– add nature compass
– add pymtech mod
– add controlling
– add mahou tsukai
– add journeymap
– add dungeon gear
– add flywheel
– add cloth config
– add three core
– add pekhui
– add architectury
– add caelus
– add add cleanup
– add better advancements


– updated Guard Villagers
– updated Fallout Power Armor
– Updated Buddycards
– updated Spartan Weaponry
– Updated Outerend
– updated Create Mod
– updated Recipe Scramble

Scramble Craft 2.0 to 2.1


– update fall out armor server fix
– update building gadgets 1.16.5-3.8.0
– update recipe scramble to 1.7.3
– update JEI to 1.16.5-


– add outer end
– add progressive bosses
– add fun mod
– add gobber mod
– add nuclear craft
– add hwyla
– add create mod
– add overloadedarmobar
– add villager names
– add curious forge
– add mekansim generators
– add mekanism
– add nhacampfire
– add collective
– add geckolib
– add titanium
– add placebo
– add mcdoom mod
– add guard villagers
– add cosmetic armor mod


– remove ma essentials


– none

Included Mod List
AbnormalsCore Team Abnormals null
Buddycards Wildcard_Gamer null
BuildingGadgets Direwolf20
CarryOn Tschipp, Purplicious_Cow, cy4n
CleanCut Rongmario
Collective Rick South
CosmeticArmorReworked zlainsama
Create simibubi null
CreaturesandBeasts Joosh, CGessinger
CuriosAPI C4
DoomMod AzureDoomC null
DungeonsGear the_infamous_1
DungeonsMod dainxt
DungeonsPlus Silver_David
FastLeafDecay Olafski
FTBEssentials LatvianModder null
FunMod BaranHan.
GeckoLib Gecko, Eliot, AzureDoom
Gobber kwpugh null
GravestoneMod Max Henkel
GuardVillagers TallestEgg, HadeZ/SadNya69 for the textures.
InventoryPets Purplicious_Cow, cy4n
InventoryTweaksRenewed Yuitakaa(Maintainer), StanleyMines(Contributor), Landmaster (Original Author)
IronChests cpw, alexbegt, progwml6
JustEnoughItems mezz
Mekanism Aidancbrady, Thommy101, Thiakil, pupnewfster, dizzyd
MekanismGenerators Aidancbrady, Thommy101, Thiakil, pupnewfster, dizzyd
MinecraftForge LexManos(and many many more)
NoHostilesAroundCampfire Rick South
NuclearCraft Primary_stu null
OverloadedArmorBar Tfarecnim, LocusWay null
Pandoras Creatures andrew0030
Placebo Shadows_of_Fire null
PlayerTrackingCompass Rick South
Powerarmor joseph8675309
ProgressiveBosses Insane96MCP
RecipeScramble rich1051414
Repurpose WuestMan
RepurposedStructures TelepathicGrunt
RiskofRainMod ElColoManco
SavageRavage Team Abnormals null
SimplyJetpacks StormedPanda, Tomson124
SpartanShields ObliviousSpartan
SpartanWeaponry ObliviousSpartan
StructureGelAPI Silver_David, KingPhygieBoo, Jonathing
Teletubbies Rexbas
TheOuterEnd A lot of people null
Titanium Horizon Studio, Coded, null
TowersOfTheWild idrae_
VillagerNames Rick South
Waila TehNut, ProfMobius
Waystones BlayTheNinth
WorldEdit sk89q, wizjany, TomyLobo, kenzierocks, Me4502
Wyrmroost WolfShotz, Kingdomall, Shannieann, Ukan null