Crazy Craft 4.0 [OFFICIAL]

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After 5 years Crazy Craft 4.0 is finally getting released! I never thought I would update Crazy Craft 3.0, but here I am releasing one of the greatest mod packs we have ever created. This mod pack focuses on taking your minecraft knowledge and throwing it out the window. THIS IS CRAZY CRAFT 4.0 BABYYY…okay enough hype. This pack brings some of the greatest mods from 1.7.10 and with our custom randomizer mod it changes the adventure for everyone. No one player will have the same Crazy Craft 4.0 experience.

We realize not everyone wants to have a scrambled recipe world. For them we have created a new world option when creating a world. You will simply turn off scrambled recipes which is located right under naming your new world. For server owners that want normal recipes there is a settings.dat file that you can edit and change to true. This will make all recipes default for your players. In the future we are adding a command that can change recipes server wide without restarting. We are also working on a command that can change recipes for a single player on the server. We get everyone has a different play style and this will help everyone create the adventure they want. 

The most notable mods included in Crazy Craft 4.0 are Orespawn, Legends mod, TragicMC, witchery, HBM nuclear tech, Mcheli and many more. We wanted to include many of the old mods you loved and obviously the biggest one was orespawn. We did however want to create a new experience and that meant new mods and the recipe scramble mod. The recipe scramble mod does not just randomize recipes, it will take all of minecraft and change every aspect. You can get random items from leaf decay, mob drops, breaking melons/glowstone, arrows are randomized, hoppers give random items, etc etc etc. We did hear fans express that randomized recipes was not their thing and we heard you loud and clear. We created a world gen option right on the world creation page to turn off random recipes.

We recommend learning about the Tragic MC mod here, the HBM nuke tech mod here, legends mod here, and orespawn mod here. Good luck in your adventure and if you find bugs please report them HERE or on our Discord. You will receive no help on my youtube channel comments as there are way too many of them. Anyways happy crafting!


Please alert us of any reuploading of our mod pack to any launcher outside the void launcher. This includes Technic, curseforge and others. We do not want players get wrong versions of the pack and us being unable to help them.

Frequently asked Questions:


  • Version: 4.2
  • Minecraft: 1.7.10
  • Multiplayer: yes
  • No. of Mods: 88



Crazy Craft 4.2

– update killer pacman
– RecipeScramble
– Legends Mod
– HbmTechMod

– ArchimedesShips
– movingworld (dependency of ArchmedesShips)
– ICBM-Classic
– Voltzengine (dependency of ICBM)
– NoMoreRecipeConflict
– LuckyEgg (look for them in dungeon chests/village chests)

– SSTOW config folder
– forge.cfg
– hbm cfg
– mobproperties config folder
– hardcore ender dragon

– none

– fix for legends map folder in .minecraft (legends mod dimensions)

Crazy Craft 4.1

– update killer pacman
– update recipescramble
– update legends mod

– add project e
– add archimedesplus
– add movingworld (dependency of archimedesshipsplus)

– levelupmod
– tragicmc
– hbm (fix nausea from radiation)
– soulshards

– remove equivalent exchange 3

– add hats mod folder (makes hats mod work)
– add legends mod folder (adds maps)
– remove official server button on load up screen

Crazy Craft 4.0




Included Mod List
Adventure Backpack Darkona
AnimationAPI thehippomaster21
asielib Vexatos
Baubles Azanor13
BiblioCraft Joseph ‘Nuchaz’ Sinclair
Carpenters Blocks Mineshopper
Chest Transporter cubex2
Chisel 2 AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, Pokefenn, Cricket, tterrag
ChunkPregeneratorV Speiger
CodeChickenCore Chicken_Bones
ColorfulMobsMC DarkhaxDev, LCLC98, _ForgeUser19115744
Controlling Jaredlll08
CustomMenu RichDigits
CustomNpcs Noppes, DarkSignal(AI), Foxz(Commands),
Damage Indicators RichDigits
Dark Core DarkholmeTenk,
Decocraft RazzleberryFox,
Equivalent Exchange 3 Pahimar
FastCraft Player
Food Expansion Lellson
FoodPlus ?JoseTheCrafter
GravityGun iChun
Hardcore Ender Expansion Programmed by chylex | https
Hats iChun
HatStand iChun
Hbms Nuclear Tech HbMinecraft,
iChunUtil iChun
Inventory Pets A_villager, Capn_Kirok,
Inventory Tweaks JimeoWan,Kobata
Iron Chest cpw
IvToolkit Ivorius,
JourneyMap techbrew, mysticdrew,
Killer Pacman FiskFille
Legends Mod Tihyo,
Level Up PowerUp217,GotoLink,
Lucky Blocks PlayerInDistress
LuckyEgg RichDigits
MalisisCore Ordinastie, PaleoCrafter ,
Malisis Doors Ordinastie
MC Helicopter EMB4
Mine Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye nerd-boy, GotoLink, coolAlias,
MinecraftForge LexManos(and many many more)
MMMLib theJ8910
MobiusCore ProfMobius
Mob Properties FatherToast,
Mob Statues Miyukihime
MrCrayfishs Furniture Mod MrCrayfish
Mutant Creatures thehippomaster21,
NEI Addons bdew
NEI Integration tonius11
Not Enough Items Chicken_Bones
Origin TheTemportalist
Pandoras Box Ivorforce
PortalGun iChun
Railcraft CovertJaguar ,
Recipe Scramble RichDigits
Recurrent Complex Ivorius
Saintscore WThieves2
SecurityCraft GeForce132
Soul Shards TehNut
Statues Mrbysco,ShyNieke
Storage Drawers jaquadro
Tardis Mod DarkholmeTenk ,
The OreSpawn Mod TheyCallMeDanger
The Secret Rooms Mod AbrarSyed
TragicMC 2 TragicNeko
TrailMix iChun
Waila ProfMobius
Weeping Angels nictogen,Swirtzly
Welcome to the Jungle Salvestrom
Witchery Emoniph