Crazy Craft 3.0 Beta Official Release!

Hey how’s it going guys Cody here and we are back from minecon and wow are we happy to announce Crazy Craft 3.0 beta is here! All of you can play it and enjoy and have fun! WE have a lot of plans for Crazy Craft 3.0 and the beta is just beginning!

Crazy Craft 3.0 Beta:

With Crazy Craft 3.0 announced it is finally time to officially release the beta! You guys have been getting added in all week and its finally here for all you guys to enjoy Crazy craft 3.0. We said we weren’t going to accept applicants through the testing period however we will still be doing that and allowing more and more people to test Crazy Craft 3.0.

What we want out of the Beta:

We want to find problems we cannot find without all these different types of users trying out the modpack.
We want to find out your suggestions and feedback

Expected Changes:

  1. We plan to add in a new custom dungeons mod adding in youtuber statues
  2. We want to fix youtubers+ and get it working on the pack
  3. Plans are to add a few dungeon generating mods or structure generating mods
  4. Adding MCHeli after we decompile it and fix it for mod packs
  5. Any others suggestions you guys give us!

How to get Beta:

  1. Signup on this link here and fill out the application and meet the requirments
  2. Get accepted to beta and see if you are on this list
  3. If you are on that list load your launcher and start any modpack and sign in with your username you signed up with
  4. Close the modpack once it loads and close the launcher
  5. Reopen launcher and navigate to the mod packs tab
  6. Then select the dropdown menu and select “beta modpacks”
  7. Hit install and enjoy and report bugs and give suggestions on the forums!

How long will beta last:

We plan to have beta last till around July 18th. We need to make sure all the bugs are sorted and we need time to finish a couple custom mods!

Where can you still sign up:

You can still go over to the forums and sign up you essentially just need 15+ forum posts just to prove you are active and care about the community!

Enjoy Crazy Crafting!

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