Crazy Craft 3.0 Alpha Launch!

Hey guys Cody here and this is the announcement for the Crazy Craft 3.0 Alpha testing! What this means is a select few get to play crazy craft 3.0 and upload videos as there testing! This entire week we will be accepting applicants to take part in the beta testing and July 4th you will get your grubby little hands on it if you sign up during this week ;). We are all excited here at voids wrath to present to you one of the Craziest mod packs ever created! Pandoras box is unleashed combined with transformers defeating mobzillas there is nothing crazier!

Alpha Testing:

This is from June 27th till July 4th where certain youtubers get access to Crazy Craft 3.0. These will be everyone playing on the Crazy Craft 3.0 youtuber server along side The Atlantic Craft. During this week you guys will be able to sign up and get beta access for Crazy Craft 3.0 beta. Beta starts July 4th. There is a post count requirement that filters through all inactive members. So be sure to start getting active!

Beta Testing Signups: CLICK HERE

Youtuber’s Alpha Testing:

The Atlantic Craft
Pikalus Games
(more soon)

Beta Testing:

This starts July 4th and everyone that signed up during the week of Alpha testing gets in and they will be able to access there beta testing after loading a modpack once and restarting there launcher. This will be the period where we hard test every aspect of the modpack trying to find all bugs, more mods to add in and other things to help improve the mod pack!

Crazy Craft 3.0 Full Release:

This is when crazy craft 3.0 is released to the public! This will happen July 18th or early or later depending on how the modpacks status is. We are shooting for July 18th however. So be sure to be on the lookout and help us prepare for it! There will be custom animations and trailers made for the modpack and released throughout July!

What happens to Crazy Craft 2.0:

Crazy Craft 2.0 simply gets moved to legacy. Currently Fellowship 2.0 and Crazy Craft 1.0 are in legacy. We wanted to make it so you guys can play and enjoy the same experience you had years ago. That is where you will find Crazy Craft 2.0 and the public server simply will be made smaller unless there is a spike in players where we will accommodate them accordingly.

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