Crazy Craft 3.0.1 Optimization Patch!

Hey how’s it going guys Cody here and we are really excited to tell you guys about some new updates we have rolled out to Crazy Craft. These aren’t anything major however it should help a lot of you be able to join in on all the fun Crazy Craft gives! This update is not a mod pack update it is just a patch which will require no server side updates. It is strictly a client side patch.

What was the problem?

Well it seemed that many people had issues with Crazy Craft 3.0 running out of memory or just being very stuttery and laggy. A lot of the time Crazy Craft 3.0 will run out of memory because you have the incorrect java however we did find a few troublesome mods that could be a huge culprit in causing this when it isn’t because of the wrong java. Here is what we did to fix it.

Crazy Craft 3.0 Optimization

We wanted to optimize Crazy Craft so everyone could enjoy! These is a major goal of ours is to fix all problems on our mod packs and ensure that everyone has a good time. We could keep Crazy Craft and our other mod packs private just for the youtube videos however we do this so the fans of the atlantic craft can enjoy our modpacks and join in on all the fun we have in these crazy mod packs!

Orespawn: These are config changes nothing to the orespawn mod itself

  1. Enabled optional ‘LessLag’ options
  2. Disabled Overworld dungeon generation
  3. Disabled Duplicator Tree
  4. Disabled the Ginormous Emerald Tree
  5. Reduced Orespawn Island Gen Size

Malisis Doors & Malisis Core Update: These are client side mod updated

  1. We updated both mods to improve optimization for players when around a lot of tile entities

Morph: Config changes these caused youtubers to have login issues with minecraft

  1. Changed to use a community contributed mob ability list.
  2. Disabled Youtuber Morphs as they are buggy.

Youtuber+: This is a mod client side Update

  1. Additional Skins included

Still having Issues?

If you are still having issues we have our dedicated support team that will be able to help you and help you optimize your game. If you are experiencing random crashes etc or server issues then our support team can assist as well. Please CLICK HERE to head to the void launcher forums for further help.

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