• shadowdragon722

    can someone help me? every time i try to login to an existing world or create a new world my minecraft freezes on pokepack. can someone tell me how to fix dis?

    • SWAG


      • Axl Fabian Olivares

        YEA BITCH

      • MrCereal

        You Should Get More Memories(RAM) So you can play it

  • helpwow456

    every time i load pokepack it lags like crazy. can u plz fix this

    • Austin Green

      it dose

    • MrCereal

      Get more RAM

  • plasma0king


  • Missy Moo Maddy

    Guys this server is the best I already got 100 pokemon

    • Ashley

      Whats the server ip?

  • Jason

    I have a youtube channel but whats the server ip

  • Derpy_Nick

    whats the ip

  • Ashley

    Whats the ip? I need to know?!

  • Minecraft12354

    Can someone help me every time i click play on void launcher i get an error saying

    Could not create Java Virtual Machine and Error a fatal exception????

    • Grayson Hetherington

      same thing is happening to me

      • jlucas234


    • Roar

      Same ;(

  • crispypbacon

    why can’t I play on poke pack (is it because I’m on a laptop)

  • congo33

    ip ip ip ip ip

  • Jean Orsborn

    why do I get logged out when I try to,look around in Poke Pack 2

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