Crazy Craft Update

Hey How’s it going guys Cody here and I want to say I am proud to announce the full release of Crazy Craft 1.5! This update has a lot of fixes along with many new mods added and removed! If you have servers for crazycraft I will provide a step by step tutorial on how to properly update your server!

Have you ever wanted to raise armies to take on your friends or your enemies? With the recent additions to Crazy Craft you can take down your foes by raising armies, creating nuclear bombs or building fortresses! With the ability to raise armies we needed to raise the stakes and create mobs so powerful it will make Mobzilla look like breakfeast!


Mods that were Added:
Billiund (Lego Mod)
Biomes O Plenty
Rival Rebels
You Will Die Mod

Mods that were Updated: 
Hats 2.1.1 Updated
Orespawn V12 Updated
Morph Beta 0.6 Updated

Mods that were Removed:
CoroAI (Didnt work correctly)
DragonCraft (Didnt work correctly)
Hostile Worlds (Caused fatal Crash)
ModBuild (Didnt work correctly)
ConfigMod (Didnt work correctly)
Particle Man (Didnt work correctly)



1. Download the 1.5 update
2. Add the corresponding mods that were added above to your server found in the mods folder
3. Add the new config folder and replace the old one
4. The mods that say updated need to be removed from your current server and replaced with the new updated versions
5. Remove the mods above from your server

Download Server

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