Crazy Craft 3.0 Alpha Launch!

Hey guys Cody here and this is the announcement for the Crazy Craft 3.0 Alpha testing! What this means is a select few get to play crazy craft 3.0 and upload videos as there testing! This entire week we will… Read more »

clas hf oclans

Start Of A New Project!

We have been in the talks to work on this project or not and we have just got all the models converted and we will be officially starting our clash of clans mod project! Mod Details The mod will have… Read more »

jurassic craft2

Jurassic Craft Update! (Bug Fixes & More!)

Jurassic Craft Update! Hey guys we finished up an update for Jurassic Craft. This has some small tweaks and will be adding tropic craft back! This is an awesome update with tropic craft finally making its appearance to 1.7.10! We are… Read more »

voids wraht

Voids Wrath Relaunch!

VOIDS WRATH RELAUNCH We are proud to present the Voids Wrath relaunch! This relaunch is the rebirth of everyones favorite mod pack launcher. With over 6 mod packs the new launcher is ready to appeal to everyones minecraft needs. With… Read more »


Five Nights at Freddy Movie Release!

Hey how’s it going guys Cody here and I am proud to show you guys are latest animation project. We released our Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie animation on our youtube channel The Atlantic Craft! This animation is a whopping… Read more »

gta www

New Server Release! Wild Wild West!

Hey everryone!! We got some awesome news for all you GTA lovers out there! Both Little Lizard Gaming and The Atlantic Craft have just started season 2 of their GTA series (IP: They will be playing exclusively on the… Read more »


“The Herobrine” Minecraft Parody!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new Voids Wrath website!! I’m sure most of you have already listened to this amazing new parody of Eminem and Rihannas monster; called “The Herobrine” by the Atlantic Craft by now… But for those… Read more »

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